My name’s Fiona.  With the purchase of this land, I have high hopes of becoming fluent in rural after a lifetime speaking city.  I grew up in quiet Auckland, spent years in Tokyo in offices and classrooms, owned a bar in Melbourne, looked after billionaires on their yachts and now I want to grow things.  I want to get to know this patch.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a star Fi and if I know you, you will make it your own way!! Best of luck with it all. Be brave and resolute. A good start is half the battle and all that….R x

  2. congratulations i know its going to be brilliant – still dont know where you are ??!!! maybe this mystery mapless wonder is deliberate – dont want earlybird tent ambushing? safety in solitude?!! maybe just a star chart as guidance via the night sky with love cazerine,chewbacca and the others xx

  3. Hey Fiona, good luck with it all. The views look great and I’m sure your going to have some great stories from all this…Mars

  4. Hi Fi. Just found your blog doing random searches on Yandoit (as you do!). My partner and I are doing similar things down on 13 acres in High Street Yandoit. Good to know there are other like minded folk in the area.

  5. hi, thought id just swing by and say I enjoy reading this blog – have a particular interest in Yandoit as my ancestry in that area goes back to the 1860’s – (my ancestors built those heritage listed stone houses) – anyway – thanks for sharing all this with us and good luck with your endeavours!

  6. Hi Fiona, just wanted to say what a nice blog it is to read. My husband and I were _this_ close to buying the property you’re now in. That, and dreaming of buying the ‘big pile of rocks on the hill’ (Gervasoni homestead) which we also nearly bought…we spent many hours driving up and ‘just looking’ at it with the agents and by ourselves, before settling in Ballan instead. I am really glad to see someone turn it into what we had hoped it’d become! keep up the good work 🙂 Yandoit is a special place and we still love it! Kirsty.

    • Thanks so much Kirsty. A bonafide sliding doors moment! I do feel like I’m just looking after the place for a whole lot of people who came before, will come after and the nearlies! Which is no doubt how various neighbours feel about their respective piles of rocks. Fi


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