Plan B and the land of Y

You may have been wondering what my mate B has been up to.  I finally managed to coax her down off the top of the water tank and she’s been busy ever since.  But not too busy to write a newsy blog entry….

——What Fi and I are doing overlaps in many ways, some simply and others more intricately. Our approach, ability, skills and means are diverse, but we have at least one common goal, and our principles are (somewhat, sometimes, kind of) aligned. But most of all, we want to help each other live happily, and laugh about it along the way.

Personally, I am actioning a wish to live a simpler, less mediated existence, consciously connected to the natural systems, cycles and processes which sustain and maintain healthy life.

Sharing resources and skills, being with good people who appreciate robust, hearty humour, building and growing for longevity, is really what’s at the heart of this next leg.

…and enjoying the best flavours of the season…the day, from this land, because of the work we have plotted and laughed through, together.

All said whilst writing a chapter for a blog on a mac book pro…Ha!

Others have accused me of being a nonconformist who is not shy of extreme procrastination, with hypocritical contradicting tendencies, and obsessive compulsiveness about adjectives and list making.

So here be a 12 year plan in 12 stages:

·      Retain (ethical) employment
·      Explore the local community and surrounding towns of the ‘land of Y’ (known locally as Yandoit, but I am hoping for a statutory change) with Fi and everyone else in a 250 km radius
·      Observe / learn / gather / collect / organise / make a plan… in manageable, flexible stages
·      Renovate the wooden shack at the dairy (ups to Fi) as my part-time accommodation (with future prospects in mind)
·      Move to part-time living in the city, for employment retention (but it’s really about friends + family (framily))
·      Search for land
·      Find awesome, amazing dream spot within the ‘land of Y’… assess site with locals, permy mates and all said framily members
·      Purchase land
·      Establish dwelling sites / water and energy systems / plot gardens / orchard / animal habitats
·      Build modular container studio home and adjacent artist-in-residence studio (having been in research & planning for years (already)!)
·      Change employment situation and move to full-time ‘land of Y’ living.
·      Create an abundance of food and joy within a self-sowing system which attracts other like-minded life forms to join in and
·      Live happily in the everland of Yness!

Ok, so that is 13 stages, but they are all flexible and will probably stretch far longer than 12 years. So far, I am retaining ethical employment, have started research, planning and searching and have begun (and am loving) shack renovations…


North-facing front

South-facing back

West-facing wall – note overhead milking system

More milking paraphernalia


Suspected asbestos roof

Doors: living on the left, sleeping on the right


Bird nest


Cleared Out

Pep and me on the job

Before – change to west-facing wall, cleared for insulating. Milking paraphernalia gone.

After – insulation and lining

We now have a walkway, two rooms cleared of milking equipment, completely re-nailed exterior weatherboards and another list up for the next stage of the job.

The List

Vodka please.

5 thoughts on “Plan B and the land of Y

  1. Wow
    I am impressed with your list and support you all the way
    Hope there is insulation behind that corrugated iron

  2. Wow Brie … what an amazing list. Can’t wait to visit. So good to see you realising your soulful journey. How enriching!! And I always knew you were good with a powertool.

    • Always knew we shared a similarity in our creative vision Bek!
      It is 5 star underneath that ‘rustic’ exterior… but don’t tell anyone!


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