The Neighbourhood in Fog

Missing Italy quite a bit.  The look, the feel, the buildings, the landscape (the one euro roadside espresso, the food, the food, the food.)  So I was delighted to wake up the other morning to a thick soupy fog shrouding the neighbourhood.  It was Piemonte in winter. I took my crappy little camera and drove around the block.

C & R’s Wine Shed

Vince’s Place

The Old Homestead on the Corner

G & B’s

Sunken Structure at G & B’s

Neighbour’s Renovation

View to My Neighbour

View of the Ploughed Beds

The fog lifted but the rain did not.  I decided to keep going anyway with making the vegetable beds.  Pep’s tractor ploughed over the cow poo I’d collected, and then we threw around some limestone dust, gypsum and blood & bone.

Then I set about heaping the dirt into beds.  The size of the task and the shock of the physical labour made me very unreasonable and I had a little conniption part way in, attributable certainly to too much dirt, too much rain and an appalling lack of fitness for the task.  The work of peasants ain’t for pansies.  After the episode that Pep now (repeatedly) refers to as The Hissy Fit, I asked nicely for some help in moving the mud.

Peppy & Langley Helping Post Fit

Progress is such a mood improver.  I whacked up the volume on Ray LaMontagne (lyrics!) and settled into a nice daydream about his identical twin brother moving in around the corner as I started putting out the rock I’d collected from my hills.

Beds Before Levelling Off

Rock is heavy.  The tops of my thighs are bruised and grazed – a testament to overenthusiasm and an underestimation of the weight of various kinds of stone.  But I think it’s not only worth the work but is in keeping with the northern Italian feel of the neighbourhood and the rusticity of things.

Bit Sodden

I’m halfway there and will finish it this coming week.  If it stops raining.

Special thanks to Pep and Langley for standing me.

7 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood in Fog

  1. Such majestic-looking vegetable beds, just begging to grow tasty organic produce! Well done. The photos of the neighbourhood are rather lovely, too. Judy xx

  2. What a great achievment of rustic beauty and practicality (even though right now slightly reminiscent of an early pioneer graveyard). I wish there were more enthusiasts like you around in these parts. Cannot wait to taste some of your future produce. We could spice it with some wild truffel ! G.

  3. Looking great Fi – not you, the plot!
    But, I must say – I have seen you in many outfits and you somehow always wear them with style 🙂

  4. Hi Fiona. Beautiful photos. Very inspiring for snug ! This is my first attempt at sending smoke signal via technology so hope you recieved it. Love Chris Bec and Amrita xx


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