Do Something

I have recently discovered that the combination of working 50 hours a week in a new job and tending a freshly eviscerated heart (let’s call that a second full time job) does not lend itself to getting anything done on the farm.  And blogging about nothing is certainly beyond my skill set.  So I’ve just had to stop bleating and give over to the working and a decent whack of wailing.

Walk and Wail – View of the Northeast Corner and the Shed on the Hill

I had friend Karen come up on Monday to suss out a spot for a test crop of garlic and she said gently that I needed to do something else.  Despite the 1.30am work finishes and the heavy heart I needed to be doing more.  Doing begets energy begets creativity begets happiness.   Friends are good for reminding you of these things.

Karen came out to Yandoit to hoe into a 3 metre patch on a north-facing bit of green, in readiness for planting seed garlic on the shortest day of the year.  She is a practised and knowledgeable gardener with a shortage of space in Melbourne and I am delighted to have her take a corner here.   Kaz usually visits with Winnie in tow, as she recently did when it was a bit warmer –

Never Go Up Against a Baby

in a Bucket Bath Photo Comp

but leaving her behind in Melbourne was going to give us the best chance of a productive day digging.

We assessed the site.  Good winter sun potential and fairly flat with some lush grass indicating at least a bit of moisture.  We had a cup of tea.  Good work!

Time for a break.  After a very educational visit to Pep’s incredible market garden (more on him later), a bottle of my neighbour’s cabernet for lunch with Karen’s gnocchi leftovers  and a long meander over the hills (sans wailing) we didn’t dig a thing.

Gnocchi & Cabernet

We fed some apples to horses, looked at magnificent trees and got excited about fencing opportunities.  A perfect autumn day spent like this can definitely get a person dreaming and doing again.

Grandaddy Eucalypt


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